Best Pets for Children

What are some animals that would make good pets for young children? We know that mom or dad most likely be taking care of the new pet in the family, right? So what are the most popular animals for children? Here are some that are ideal for the youngsters.

  • Hamsters are great first pets for children. They can be observed in their living quarters and children love feeding their little friend and watching them roll around the house in their play balls. What fun!

  • Guinea Pigs are very cute but are "jumpy" and are hard to catch at times but if they have ample living quarters can be enjoyed in their personal space. They will sit on your lap calmly  but remember to put an old towel on the child's lap before allowing them to hold their piggie because they poop....alot!

  • Birds can be nice pets if the parents are the main caregiver. It is not recommended that children under 12 be responsible for taking care of birds. Canaries make ideal pets as they do well by themselves and can be entertaining singing songs. They don't like to come out of their cage and do not like one-on-one contact, but they can live up to fifteen years. 

  • Fish! Most people have owned at least one fish or many at some point (and sadly many have been flushed down the toilet!) Your child may love to have only one goldfish swimming in a bowl to start his or her career as a pet caregiver.  Most fish seem content in large fish bowls as long as the water is changed partially every week and they are fed enough but not too much. Parents, watch for disease on the fish such as dropsey, ick, flukes or anchor worms. Many problems can be treated with drops. 

  • Turtles can be good pets for children. They have a life-span of about 15 to 25 years.  They live in semi-aquatic envronments landandpartwater) Turtles carry salmonella which can be easily transmitted to people.​ The risk may be minimal with healthy people but get advice from a veteranarian while considering a pet turtle. 

  • Cats & Dogs, of course! Cats and Dogs are the go-to pet for many homes and they are an ideal pet for children. Mom and Dad will be taking the new pet to the vet from time to time but children will enjoy their new cuddly friend for hopefully many years to come. 

Before getting your pet, remember the responsibilty of providing quality care and love and being prepared to go to the veteranarian often for wellness checks and vaccinations. If you're ready for a new pet and you have the love to give, then you will enjoy going to the petstore or pet shelter to pick out your family's adorable new family member. 

Featured Pet:

The Himalayan Cat

Meet the beautiful Himalayan Breed of felines, nicknamed the Himmy. This breed is  a cross between a Persian and a Siamese which was originally bred  until the desired outcome was reached.  What makes a Himalayan cat such a great choice for a pet?  Their beauty is a winning point for many cat lovers. They also have many positive qualities such as they are great groomers and are very affectionate.  The Himmy has a sedentary personality like many cats.  This kitty will be content to sit on your lap or be a faithful companion wherever you go. Himalayans, like many long-haired cats are shedders, but with regular brushing, this can be reduced.  To have a Himalayan cat is a joy for many cat owners. 

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